Lancer Evolution 7 8 9 Spec R1 Wide Arch Kit

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The Aerokit Spec R series is designed to produce minimal air resistance and maximum downforce. Using a lighter resin to achieve a lighter product whilst still maintaining optimal strength it comes in handy to shave those precious seconds off lap times. Designed with track and race use in mind the Aerokit Spec R series not only looks the part, its actually a great weight saver too! Rear Fenders are now available in two versions, to fit the Evo 7/8 rear bumper and also for the Evo 9 rear bumper

Front wings are +25mm

Rear Fenders +40mm

Rear Diffuser fits OEM 7 8 and also 9 bumpers. 

Weight of each part:

Front bumper 3.3kg

Lower splitter 1.5kg

Bumper undertray 2.9kg

Canards 500g each

Winglets 400g each

Sideskirts 1.1kg each

Front wings 1.5kg each

Rear overfenders 1.2kg each

Rear bumper 2.5kg

Rear diffuser 3.5kg

Sideskirt splitters 1kg each

Rear bumper (EVO 9 style) 2.5kg 

Bonnet 8kg